Inked Alive’s mission is to network tattoo artists and tattoo models with other artist, models, events, money making opportunities and help you gain more tattoo clients, social media follower’s/likes/shares. On a global scale through your social media outlets and Inked Alive’s paid advertising for our website.
Here are the benefits for subscribing to Inked Alive.
Your business will be listed on the tattoo shop locator. (coming soon) 
Pictures from your portfolio will at times be featured on all of Inked Alive’s social media platforms.
A dedicated page on Inked Alive for people to view your portfolio with links to all your social media platforms.
After you subscribe to Inked Alive you will be sent to a thank you page so you can e-mail us all your information you would like on your personal Inked Alive page that is dedicated to you only.

Subscriptions are $19.99 a month. That helps us cover a portion of our advertising fees and page setups each month and any changes you would like to make to your personal Inked Alive page.