Side and under boob tattoos are all the rage

For those of us who want to rock a tattoo, the challenge can often be figuring out where to get the ink done, as opposed to deciding what awesome piece of artwork you want to be branded with.
A trend that is fast gaining traction among women is getting ink along the ribcage just to the side and underneath the breast.
The body art sits in a fairly sensitive location and despite the pain, it does make for quite an impressive look.
Although the designs look amazing and can definitely add to the ensemble, there are a lot of nerve endings around the area and not much else between the skin and bone, making it one of the most painful locations on the body to get ink.
But who lets a little pain get in the way of fashion?
With a plethora of colorful and detailed designs starting to fill social media, tattooists are finding more and more clients coming to them with designs made specifically for this area of the body.
As with any tattoo, the more intricate the design, the more time the artist needs to complete the work. Some are even required to put themselves through the excruciating pain on multiple visits.
There’s no arguing that the complex patterns look great if done by the right artist.
If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind showing a bit of skin on a night out, is the location of these tattoos, and the pain that goes along with it, something you’d be brave enough to try?

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